De Verrukkelijke 15 van 6 september 1988

  1. Wonderful tonight Eric Clapton
  2. Stop Sam Brown
  3. The only way is up Yazz & the Plastic Population
  4. Heaven in my hands Level 42
  5. Talkin’ bout a revolution Tracy Chapman
  6. Sweet child o’ mine Guns n’ Roses
  7. Girl you know it’s true Milli Vanilli
  8. I’m sorry Hothouse Flowers
  9. Superstitious Europe
  10. Sweet little mystery Wet Wet Wet
  11. Is she really going out with him? (Acapella version) Joe Jackson
  12. Shake your thang Salt ’n’ Pepa
  13. Where did I go wrong? UB40
  14. Moving target Fatal Flowers
  15. Around and around Frizzle Sizzle


Presentatie: Luc van Rooy