De Verrukkelijke 15 van 25 oktober 1983

  1. This is welfare The Dutch
  2. Come back and stay Paul Young
  3. Suddenly last summer The Motels
  4. Will you stay tonight? The Comsat Angels
  5. Chance Big Country
  6. Lined up Shriekback
  7. Gold Spandau Ballet
  8. Nobody’s diary Yazoo
  9. All night long (all night) Lionel Richie
  10. Modern love David Bowie
  11. Ik wil je nooit meer zien Polle Eduard Band
  12. Working with fire and steel China Crisis
  13. Different worlds Vandenberg
  14. Long hot summer The Style Council
  15. Slow motion De Dijk


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Presentatie: Jeroen Soer