De Verrukkelijke 15 van 25 maart 1986

  1. Living in another world Talk Talk
  2. I still believe (Great design) The Call
  3. Absolute beginners David Bowie
  4. Jericho Simply Red
  5. Kiss Prince
  6. The promise you made Cock Robin
  7. Southside girl Don Dixon
  8. Digging your scene The Blow Monkeys
  9. I still want you The Del Fuegos
  10. Left of centre Suzanne Vega met Joe Jackson
  11. Suspicious minds Fine Young Cannibals
  12. Here comes the man Boom Boom Room
  13. Live it up Mental as Anything
  14. Maternité MAM
  15. I won’t steal away Time Bandits


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Presentatie: Jeroen Soer


De Verrukkelijke 15 van 25 maart 1986
© VARA 1986