De Verrukkelijke 15 van 20 mei 1986

  1. Look away Big Country
  2. Driving away from home (Jim’s tune) It’s Immaterial
  3. E=MC² Big Audio Dynamite
  4. Sledgehammer Peter Gabriel
  5. No promises Icehouse
  6. The honeythief Hipsway
  7. One step Kissing the Pink
  8. Boys don’t cry The Cure
  9. Thought you were on my side Cock Robin
  10. All the things she said Simple Minds
  11. Rodrigo Bay Working Week
  12. Addicted to love Robert Palmer
  13. Left of centre Suzanne Vega met Joe Jackson
  14. Forget the cold sweat Arno
  15. Language is a virus Laurie Anderson


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Presentatie: Jeroen Soer


De Verrukkelijke 85 van 20 mei 1986
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